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If you have a Medicare card, the cost of pregnancy care and a public hospital birth can range from around $0-$1500. If you don’t have a Medicare card, the cost could be much more. For information about applying for a Medicare card, call Medicare on 132 011.

Here are some of the costs you can expect with public hospitals:

  • Medicare covers the cost of your pregnancy and hospital care (including anaesthetist, paediatrician and other health professionals you might see). It also covers the cost of caring for your baby if your baby has special needs or complications.
  • If you’re in shared care or live rurally, some of your care might be with your GP. Some GPs will bulk bill. If they don’t, you’ll need to pay the difference between their fee and the Medicare rebate.
  • There might be a cost for tests and ultrasound scans. You can often get some money back from Medicare.
  • There’ll often be a cost for birth classes. The cost of these classes varies from hospital to hospital.
  • If you hire a doula, there’ll be a cost, which depends on the doula’s experience, level of care and involvement in your pregnancy.
  • Check with your midwife or doctor about any other costs. It’s good to be clear from the beginning so there are no expensive surprises.

It’s possible to be a private patient in a public hospital. In this case, you pay costs for private care plus some extra costs for admission in the public hospital. It’s best to speak to a private patient liaison officer at the public hospital for more specific information about the cost of this option.

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