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Welcome to the second trimester! Your antenatal appointments are likely to be every four weeks in the second trimester.

Your bump might be starting to show. You might also feel stretching around your groin and tummy. This is because the ligaments holding your uterus in place are starting to stretch.

The veins in your breasts are becoming more visible.

Sharing the news

It’s a good idea to talk with your partner about when and how you’d like to share the news with others. Having a plan could avoid hurt feelings, disagreements and the chance that excited family and friends spread the news for you!

Many women start telling friends and family about their pregnancy around this time, because the risk of miscarriage is much less. Some women choose to use Facebook or other social media to break the news.

Be prepared for a variety of reactions from other people when you tell them your pregnancy news.

Telling your employer

Think about a good time to share your pregnancy news with your employer. Check your agreement or contract to see if there are specific requirements. By law, you don’t need to notify your employer at a specific time, but you need to give 10 weeks notice if you plan to take maternity leave.

When you’re ready, it can be a good idea to talk to your employer about:

  • what parental leave you can take
  • when you plan to start your leave
  • when you plan to come back to work
  • your options for coming back to work, including any changes to your role.

Your baby

This is what baby is doing:

  • Baby measures about 7.5 cm from head to bottom, and weighs about 30 gm.
  • Organs such as the liver and pancreas have begun to function.
  • The vocal cords are developing.
  • Bones are hardening, and soft, fuzzy hair is growing on baby’s eyebrows and head.

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