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This test is done at 24-28 weeks of pregnancy, unless you were at high risk before falling pregnant. If you’ve had a previous pregnancy with gestational diabetes or are at high risk of developing the condition, you’ll probably be offered a test earlier than this. New guidelines are currently being developed that will provide clear guidance on the testing. Ask your midwife and doctor what they do for diabetes testing.

You might have either a glucose challenge test or a glucose tolerance test, or both.

For the glucose challenge test, you drink a sugary liquid and have your blood tested an hour later.

For a glucose tolerance test you have to fast overnight, then have a blood test before and after drinking a sugary liquid at the clinic the next morning.

If you have high blood sugar levels on a glucose tolerance test, you’re likely to have gestational diabetes. This makes your pregnancy high-risk. Gestational diabetes can be managed with diet. If unmanaged it can cause serious problems for your pregnancy, you and your baby.

Ask your obstetrician, doctor or midwife for more information.

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Planning some help

It’s a good idea to plan practical and emotional ‘back-up’ for after your baby is born. For example, could extended family, friends or other people cook you a meal, drop in for a visit or give you a call? You don’t have to do everything if others are willing to lend a hand. It’s OK to ask for help too. In fact, some people will appreciate you telling them exactly what you need.

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