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Your midwife or doctor will want to do a blood test in early pregnancy to find out your blood group. They want to know because if you have a ‘negative’ blood type (A-, B-, O- or AB-) and your baby turns out to have a positive type, this can cause serious health problems for baby and problems in future pregnancies.

But you can’t tell what baby’s blood type is until after birth, so if you’re a ‘negative’ blood type, you’ll be offered a special injection called Anti-D at your 26-28 week and your 34-36 week visits. This reduces the risks to you and your baby. After your baby is born, you’ll have another injection if your baby has a positive blood type.

Ask your obstetrician, doctor or midwife for more information.

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Asking for women carers

Some women want only women health professionals to care for them during pregnancy, labour and birth. You can ask for a woman midwife or doctor, but it might not be possible to have one – especially if you or your baby need urgent or specialised medical attention.

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