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If everything’s going smoothly, you’re not likely to need any more ultrasound scans after 18-20 weeks.

But if you’re having twins or more, or you have a medical condition like diabetes or pre-eclampsia, if there are concerns about the growth of the baby, or you’ve had problems in previous pregnancies, your doctor, obstetrician or midwife might suggest extra ultrasound scans.

If your baby is lying in the breech position towards the end of your pregnancy, your health professional might also recommend another scan to check why your baby is in this position and where your placenta is.

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Understanding tests and scans

You have to give permission before tests or scans during pregnancy are done. If you don’t understand why you need a test, medication or treatment, it’s OK to ask for more information. Ask your doctor or midwife what the test is for, why it’s needed, and what could happen if you choose not to have a test.

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