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You’re almost certainly feeling breathless at times, because of the pressure of your growing baby and uterus on your lungs.

Your belly button is either stretched flat or sticking out. If you have belly button piercings, it’s a good idea to take them out if you haven’t already.

You’ll feel less like shopping as time goes on. So it might be a good idea to have some basics ready for when baby arrives:

  • somewhere for baby to sleep safely – a cot or bassinette
  • a properly fastened and adjusted, approved, rear-facing child restraint
  • a safe pram or baby carrier
  • lots of nappies and a nappy bag
  • wraps – really big cotton or muslin ones are best
  • clothes for dressing your newborn – most full-term babies can wear size 000, and 100% cotton is best next to baby’s skin
  • daily care essentials – baby wash (non-soap is best), cream for baby’s bottom, sorbolene cream for dry skin and a thermometer
  • a freezer full of food – you’ll have your hands full feeding baby, so it’s great if you’ve got something nutritious to feed yourself and other family members.

Most hospitals will give you a list of things. Birth classes will also help you go through the basics.

Packing your bag

If you’re planning to give birth in hospital, think about packing your bag now.

Essentials include hospital admission forms, maternity pads, pyjamas and some basics for baby (singlets, socks, tops and bottoms or one-piece suits, large cotton or muslin wraps). You might also want to put in some things for labour – old, oversized t-shirts, extra undies, warm socks and lip balm.

Easy-open tops for breastfeeding, along with a maternity bra and breast pads, are also a good idea.

Your baby

Baby’s weight has almost doubled in the last four weeks. From now on, baby’s weight will grow faster than its length:

  • Baby is about 28 cm long from head to bottom, and weighs about 1.7 kg.
  • Baby is still putting on fat beneath the skin, looking plumper all the time.
  • Baby might be head down now. If not, don’t worry. Many babies leave it until the last moment to turn around. Quite a few babies are in the breech position at birth.
  • Baby’s eyes are a dark grey or blue colour. They’ll change in the weeks after birth and the final colour isn’t known until about a year after birth.

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